Production Process and Application Range of Cork Granules
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Production Process and Application Range of Cork Granules

Raw material source of cork particles

Infocork Company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of cork particles. It has been intensively cultivated in the industry for 18 years. The cork is imported from Portuguese cork oak bark, with good quality, environmental protection and sustainability!

Production process of cork granules.

Cork particles are made from the bark of Quercus variabilis or Quercus variabilis. After aging, picking, cooking, crushing, abrasive, screening, air separation and other processing processes, our company adopts automatic air flow control production and processing to ensure accurate size and particle size. The softwood particles produced by Infocork Company are free of any harmful substances.
Cork grain is the main raw material and key process for producing cork products. The capacity and quality of cork grain determine the output and quality of cork products.

Main chemical components of cork particles

Specification of cork particles

1. Mesh refers to the number of holes on each square inch of screen. The higher the mesh number, the more holes.
For example, 50 holes means 50 holes per square inch; 500 holes means 500 holes per square inch.
2. Particle size is the size of particles. Generally, the particle size of spherical particles is expressed by diameter, and the particle size of cubic particles is expressed by side length. Is a comparative concept.
When the measured cork particle is closest to a homogeneous sphere of a certain diameter, the diameter of the sphere is taken as the equivalent particle size of the measured particle.
3. Capacity is the number of particles per cubic inch.
Infocork Company produces cork particles of various sizes, ranging from fine cork powder to coarse cork particles.

Characteristics of cork particles

Natural, elastic, compressible, light, oil resistant, breathable

Application range of cork particles

Aerospace industry, automobile industry, stationery, equipment manufacturing, construction engineering, shoe material, pillow core, rubber cork, abrasive piece, badminton ball head, softball ball ball core, flower breeding, artificial lawn, etc.
Our company has sufficient supply of goods, timely delivery and guaranteed quality. Welcome to call for consultation and free samples.

For more information, please contact our customer service on +86 769 88332533 or by email at [email protected]
INFOCORK has stakeholders and suppliers who have been committed to cork products for over 20 years. We carry a comprehensive product range in cork leather and cork applications.

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